The Hit List #11

Hey guys,

I have to apologise about the lack of photos today. My camera has died and gone to camera heaven so I am relying on my iphone which is not the greatest.

Anyway a few things to read over your morning coffee arts, a bit of Alexander Wang and of course food 🙂

1) Chet Faker

If you have not heard of him… where have you been?! JK but if you haven’t I highly recommend giving him a listen. Chet Faker whose legal name is Nick Murphy is a Melbourne artist who won ‘Breakthrough Artist of the Year’ in 2012 in Australia. He has an amazing beard which I am sure adds to the epicness of his voice! He has released an album ‘Thinking in Textures’ which won best independent release in the Rolling Stones Australian Awards. The album is definitely one you could listen to over and over again, however some of my favourites from him are his covers including ‘No Diggity‘.

Mr Short and I were lucky enough to hear him perform on Friday night and he started with my personal favourite ‘Archangel‘ he had me as soon as him and his beard walked on the stage. Go and check him out on SoundCloud.


2) Girl Scout Cookies

I have an amazing friend who lives in California and does some incredible work for the Girl Scouts. While she unfortunately lives very far away I do get the perks of her sending me USA treats which is always a good thing. I was lucky enough last week to receive some Girl Scout Cookies YUMMM. While I LOVE the Girl Guide (yes different name) cookies from New Zealand the states as usual takes it a whole lot further with some amazing flavours. My favourites are Samoas… (and yes they do not realise that is not right!). My friend loves the cookies so much she had a Girl Scout Cookie bar at her wedding. IT WAS AMAZING!



3) Bangarra

I love DANCE. Whether its me dancing around the house or watching it on TV its all delish, But my favourite is to see an amazing performance. I am lucky to have been to a number in Australia and one of my favourite groups are Bangarra an Indigenous performing arts association who have the most incredible works. Their main goal is to improve the lives of Indigenous Australians and to tell their stories on stage.

I saw their latest production Blak last night with Muma Short. If you get a chance to see them I would recommend it they are incredible.


4) Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag

I have a total love hate relationship with this bag. When I was in NYC my gorgeous travel companion showed me this Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag. I instantly fell in love and after a short trip to the Alexander Wang flagship store I had yet another thing to pack in my suitcase home. I didn’t care as this was the best purchase of the trip and something that would remind me of my wonderful time in the big apple.

Where is the hate part? Well this bag is soooo amazing to look at but ridiculously unpractical. It is the heaviest bag ever and you can hardly put anything into it. Because of this after a few wears the strap broke. AW was great and had it shipped back to the states and repaired for me. I was understanding as these things happen and was eager to get the bag back and all fixed. That was until I wore it on its first outing, since its makeover in the states, only to have the strap break AGAIN. I was in a hard place as I LOVED the bag but I had hardly had a chance to wear it with it being in transit pretty much its whole life to get fixed. Any who after AW saying I could only get it fixed and not return it, it has now FINALLY arrived back to me…. nearly 2 years later from first purchase… and I now get to wear it again. I will keep you posted on how that strap goes!




Ciao for now, have an amazing weekend. I am looking forward to this one! Spending tonight planning our gorge friends engagement party then celebrating Mothers Day, Papa Shorts Birthday and my parentals 30th Wedding Anniversary… Exciting!!!

While I LOVE celebrating special occasions I am a firm believer of celebrating life always as its so precious.

Much love xS