Flavour of the Week – Colour my world

I am a huge fan of t shirt dresses not just for their comfort, but the ease of use in chucking on one item and having it weather friendly for our four seasons in one day weather.   I have a black staple tshirt dress that just gets worn to death and then replaced in pretty much the same style when it starts to look a little worn.

I thought it may be fun this season to branch out and add some colour in my casual wear with this little gem from ASOS. I definitely wear A LOT of black so this would be a welcome addition to my wardrobe and not to mention Mr Short may even agree with the price range 🙂


Make the most of the weekend



Flavour of the Week

Hey guys,

A short and sweet one today for Flavour of the week. I have been looking around for some comfy pants that can still be quite dressy when needed but are not so restrictive as some of the tighter styles out there. I have stumbled across these awesome staples from Phillip Lim. They are the Draped Pocket Trouser that come in a variety of colours and prints each season from classy black through to amazing bright colours and different prints. I think they would be amazingly versatile and could be dressed up with heels to go out, worn to work or just casual comfy pants for the weekend. I think I need these in every colour available! Some of my favourites are below…


S113-5447SYP_ANT. WHI_1

images (1)


Enjoy what is left of the weekend!!


Flavour of the Week – Party Pants.

Ok next week I promise that the flavour of the week will be a little more subdue but for today I found yet another pair of patterned perfections to share with you.  These interesting beauties are by Rag and Bone and and are aptly named the Surf Knit (potentially why I was attracted to them).  I have cheated a little bit here as they’re not strictly jeans of the ‘denim’ kind but a super stretch cotton twill (THEY ARE NOT JEGGINGS!) anyway how could you go wrong with these (they’re on sale everywhere by the way).  Again I think it’s important not to go all black, navy and grey for winter although I am a fairly big culprit, people change thought right?  The good thing is that you don’t have to really think about a top to go with these . . . slouchy black knit anyone?


Of course the fashionista from Tuula Vintage, Miss Jessica Stein got in on the action a while ago as well but better late than never for us right?