Flavour of the Week – Can’t Say No to Colour.


Theyskens Theory Pittell Pants from Net-a-Porter

So I might have bent the truth a little by saying I was going to choose a plainer pant this time around.  I can’t help but be attracted to brighter prints and colours when most stores are stocking up on their greys, blacks, khakis and winter whites (I’m definitely not adverse to any of those colours!) I crave colour.  These picture perfect pants would be a great addition to my wardrobe teamed with my favourite oversized tank and bomber jacket or a slouchy knit for a casual look.



Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! Xx L


Flavour of the Week – Party Pants.

Ok next week I promise that the flavour of the week will be a little more subdue but for today I found yet another pair of patterned perfections to share with you.  These interesting beauties are by Rag and Bone and and are aptly named the Surf Knit (potentially why I was attracted to them).  I have cheated a little bit here as they’re not strictly jeans of the ‘denim’ kind but a super stretch cotton twill (THEY ARE NOT JEGGINGS!) anyway how could you go wrong with these (they’re on sale everywhere by the way).  Again I think it’s important not to go all black, navy and grey for winter although I am a fairly big culprit, people change thought right?  The good thing is that you don’t have to really think about a top to go with these . . . slouchy black knit anyone?


Of course the fashionista from Tuula Vintage, Miss Jessica Stein got in on the action a while ago as well but better late than never for us right?