Flavour of the Week – Brrrr its cold in here!

While I am meant to be staring into Spring’s beautiful face in Melbourne it is FREEZING instead! I even pulled out some wool to wear yesterday which I have not done in Melbourne EVER. I am hoping that we will be seeing the back of this rain and coldness very soon.

I always unintentionally revert to my black clothing when it is cold and blend into the masses of black in Melbourne. Something that I am trying to stop…. today I am wearing grey does that count?! Anyway because of this cold weather although I wanted to post a delicious spring dress to get us all looking forward to spring carnival I felt something with a slight sleeve might be more appropriate.

I LOVE ASOS and you can pretty much always find what you are looking for on there. I stumbled across two little black and white beauties which would be  perfect for now and can easily be dressed up or down.

ASOS Love Shift Dress

ASOS Pleat Back Dress

Have a great weekend



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