Flavour of the Week – Tangerine Dream

Well spring is certainly on its way and its exciting to see lots of colour in stores. While perusing the Spring clothing in stores last week with Muma Short we came across a delicious Camilla & Marc dress. It was incredible and the colour just popped and screamed of Spring fun. That dress is still in the store with Muma Short thinking about it…

But I decided to go online and see what other treats Camilla & Marc had available and found this cute C&M number here on the The Iconic website last night and it is the same gorgeous colour. Do not be fooled by how the colour looks on The Iconic site as it is a lot more citrus like than orange. Go and see for yourself in C&M! It also comes in black if you are after an LBD.

Image                                Camilla&Marc

belle & Paige

                                                                                              Camilla and Marc Waterline Dress

Have a great weekend



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