So you’re getting older . . .

It’s a funny thing we’re built to hate growing older after we turn 20, apparently you look worse as you get older (not true on so many levels, case and point Sofia Vergara).  Life gets more stressful as you concentrate on everything you SHOULD have as an adult not the things you DO have and to make matters worse that doughnut you had at lunch is really hanging around your inner thighs.   It’s not all bad we promise so enough of the depressing stuff, a bunch of us (we’ll say mid-20 years olds) were chatting about how you know you’re getting older so I thought I’d put together a list of the good, the unfortunate and the funny because ladies and gents it happens to everyone!


1. The amount of time spent going out drinking with your friends dwindles down to an occasional outing planned months in advance.  Gone are the days where we knew Saturday night meant drinking a bottle, slab or whatever and heading into the city to dance the night away.

2.  On the one occasion you do go out you’re constantly thinking “woohoo this proves I’m not a Nana” although you find the music too loud to talk to your girlfriends, you assess what all the young girls are wearing and how they must be cold, you never get ID’d anymore (although supermarket checkout operators still do it) and you no longer visit the bathroom with your entire entourage.  On the plus side you look at home drinking from the expensive cocktail list…

3.  You look forward to staying in.  Your perfect night comprises of a cheesy movie with friends or partner, chocolate, and a really good bottle of red wine.  You’ll of course be in bed before Midnight.

4.  You drink red wine!  Personally I hated the stuff throughout my teens and I’m sure I’m not alone.  It’s like someone flicked a switch when I turned 25 and voila I can’t get enough of the stuff.  Unfortunately my taste for expensive wines grew around this time too

5.  Cooking is now exciting too you and you think one of the biggest indulgences ever would be to own a black truffle and grate it over fresh hand made pasta just like all those French chefs from the food docos you watch.

6.  Weekends are no longer spent hungover but instead house hunting, food shopping, or going for coffee or brunch.

7.  You realize just how big the age gap is between kids in high school and yourself.  That shit is scary!

8.  You bake and what’s more you have a baking ingredient cupboard.


9. You have nowhere near as many facebook friends or instagram followers as your much younger cousin.  You were happy to reach 200 (and lets be honest you could cull those back a bit too).

10.  You shop for boring stuff and kind of like it.  Woohoo you get to try the next ‘flavour’ of hand wash (actually you pay $40 for hand wash!), you can happily spend the day in a home wares store picking out linens and kitchen utensils.

11. You can’t believe that teenage girls have the money to buy that new Kenzo dress, it’s a whole bloody weeks wage for you . . . plus red wine becomes more important anyway.

12. All of a sudden all your friends are getting married, like your now friends not the ones you grew up with back home.


13.  You have around 6 different tea flavours in your pantry and you finish almost every meal with a herbal tea.  When did that stuff even become delicious?

14.  You have to work harder not to be chubby!  God this sucks so much.  Where the hell did that excess arm circumference come from?

15.  You’re interested in random things like why is bubbly stored upside down?  Who serves the best crème brulee in the city?  Who is the best cobbler?  Which flour is the healthiest for me?

16.  You’re more patient because you now HAVE to deal with the idiots in the world like power company representatives,  real estate agents and lawyers (please note not all bad).

17.   You have plants and possibly pets that last more than a week.

18. You look back at your university years wondering why the hell you wore such average clothing most of the time.

19.  Ramen noodles will never pass your lips as long as you’re not hungover or have bought a seriously expensive pair of shoes.

So when you see a 19 year old you many be envious of now just remember how far you’ve come . . . or at the very least revel in the fact she’ll probably dislike who she was when she gets to our age.


Enjoy your weekend!

xx L


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