Blogalicious Dinner Deux

Hi there,

We are lucky in that all of our friends share our food obsession. This allows us to spend lots of fun times consuming and making delish food with friends which is definitely one of our favourite things to do. A gorgeous friend of ours came up with the idea of finding new recipes on blogs or other media and trying them out on each other. Last night we had the second blogalicious night and it was so delish we wanted to share.



The first course was Bill Granger’s Polenta, Chilli and Zucchini Bread topped with delicious slow roasted thyme and garlic tomatoes. Our two head chefs on this course found it was a better consistency with 1 1/2 cups of flour rather than two and that powdered rather than instant polenta was key. These both lead to an incredible consistency of the bread. The slow roasted tomatoes had an incredible flavour and were the perfect addition topped with parmesan.




The main was found by Miss Long and was a delicious hearty treat that was not too heavy. A Sweet Potato (Kumara) & Black Bean Chili we added a cup of tri coloured quinoa to this which made for a delicious consistency and topped it with cilantro, feta, lime juice jalapenos and loads of Tapatio. DELISH



The sweet course was a real treat with our obsession with coconut. Our baker produced a delicious cake from a favourite food blog of ours My New Roots. It was a delicious Pumpkin Spice Cake which she served with Coyo (the BEST coconut yoghurt EVER) and Roasted Hazelnuts. The taste combination of the pumpkin and coconut was delicious and the texture of the cake made it.


Our kitchen rules!


What should we make next?

Happy Friday

L&S x


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