Insider’s View.

You may remember a while a go we had our close friends high tea party where we paraded around in our fancy best sipping tea (glasses filled to the top of bubbles and jars of Pimms) and devouring little quiches and sweet delights.  If you can’t remember us talking about that maybe you remember those multi coloured, freakishly good cupcakes we created for the event?  We wanted to share a few of the pics with you from the day (which ended in Filet’o’fish burgers at Maccas enroute home) and show you a few things we helped with to create the social event of our May calendar.

We’ll start with the more respectable photos ladies . . .


Our prized cupcake tower complete with chocolate freckles.  Sheeeeeesh they were awesome.


We make our own bunting bitchesssss!


Mason jars all beautified ready for the drinking of the Pimms.  Two types of ribbon even!


How cute is the tea set from  We couldn’t believe there was a company totally devoted to high tea either!



The ladies and the savoury treats.


Ok so there was tea at some stage!


But more importantly wine of the sparkling kind.


And Pimms made by us!  It’s all about the citrus fruit.


Before the next few photos happened.  Ahhhhummmmmm there’s a reason we made these smaller.





FYI we actually love the organising events so if you need a hand get in contact with us!  We’re pretty good at making things from scratch!  We got skilllllllls.

Enjoy your weekend!!!!

xxx S & L


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