Flavour of the week – Animal Instinct

This isn’t the first pair of pants by Kenzo I’ve had on the blog, I’m constantly in awe of the prints that this fashion “power house” showcases each season.  I could happily include the entire clouded leopard range – in any/all of the colours – into my wardrobe but the pants would be a priority.

ImageKenzo Clouded Leopard Pants from Farfetch.





I admit its fairly out there but as far as animal prints go its a great change from the boring (and very often tacky) yellow leopard print you see at some stage every season.

Although I know this is a pants based post I had to share with you the one item I might actually be able to afford without feeling guilty . . .

ImageKenzo x Vans Authentics – I heart!

You’ve probably seen in Beyonce sporting this amazing custom shorts and bustier outfit on stage for her first live performance of Grown Woman in Paris recently.  I have got to get myself a recording contract if it means clothes like these!



Enjoy the rest of your weekend and our 25 degree day Melbourne! Is it still beach weather?

xx L


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