Hit List #9

Hit List #9

1) Pajamas !!

I love pajamas and coming into winter I can’t wait to put on my Onesie! Yes you read it right I do own a onesie haha and love it! I also own a ridiculous amount of pajamas, summer pajamas, flannelette pajamas, bed socks, slippers I love it all. Last weekend we went on a hunt for some new slippers to update Mr Shorts old man slippers which he lives in. He found some super comfy Grosby Hoodie like slippers and I tried them on and had to get a matching pair. They are SO comfy go try some!


ASOS Onesie

Victoria's Secret Polka Dot Pajamas

Victoria’s Secret Polka Dot Pajamas

download (2)

download (3)

Grosby Hoodie Slippers!

2) Wool

I tried to knit once with my Nana and it took me so long to even complete a row that I am pretty sure I gave up when it was the size of a dogs scarf… But I am determined to try again! I was wandering the streets of Melbourne in the weekend and stopped in at a very fun looking wool shop called Yarn and Co. They were in the middle of having a high tea for a group of ladies which looked delicious and fun. I found some pretty amazing wool to start the next crafternoon project with. Watch this space!



3) Pana Chocolate

We are OBSESSED with Pana Chocolate. Pana Chocolate is handmade in Melbourne by chocolatier Pana Barbounis using delicious raw organic ingredients. There are loads of amazing flavours but some of our favourites are Coconut and Goji, Raw Cacao and Blue Green Algae YUUUUUMMMMM! Don’t just take my word for it. Check out their stockists near you and try it 🙂


4) Market Shopping

We are lucky enough to have some amazing produce markets near us in Melbourne. I am not overly fond of grocery shopping so heading off to the market to see what fresh seasonal vegetables are in store and perusing the deli section suits me a whole lot better. It becomes less of a chore and more fun discovering new things while having a few good coffees along the way. If you usually shop at the grocery store I would highly recommend a trip to your local farmers market instead. It is a great way to support local production of goods and get some delicious fresh produce.

Naea's iPhone 3081

A good shopping trolley is essential!


Some of the delicious coffee that is on offer at the market


Carbo loading at the pasta store. Delicious fresh hand made pasta and sauces.


Fresh organic produce

Have an amazing weekend guys.



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