Great Lolly Scavenger Hunt Update

So I’m back in Melbourne as of late Monday night (thanks to a 4 hr delay at Auckland Airport) and slowly working myself back in the the faster flow of “big city life” again and the obnoxious ‘hum’ of street traffic and fire engine sirens.  It’s hard to believe that I had trouble sleeping some places back in NZ because of the quiet!  So as I mentioned last week in my post about NZ Dairy dollar mixtures we were about to set off on a road trip to Wellington and on our way we would pass through a number of rural NZ towns where you often find the best dairies.  I was not keen on eating any more sugar after recovering from the mother of all hangovers and indulging in a little too much of the naughty food in previous days so we made sure there was a bunch of fruit (and the last part of an easter egg as well) to at least start the journey off with . . .


First stop on the way down was Waiouru Fastlane (really a crummy takeaway but had the coveted lolly mixture anyway.


Fairly average haul amount wise – but at least they had some of the classic favourites . . . teeth, milk bottles and jet planes.  NEXT . . .

LA 2000 in Levin . . . No idea where they got the name but this place was absolutely loaded with all things sugar . . . my teeth felt fluffy and sore just looking at it all.


Good Mixture, probably one of the best so far with the sea shells, wine gums and the lolly pop which I distinctly remember getting in loads of Party bags when I was a kid.  Not as delicious as I remember though . . .


Finally because Mr Long thought I had had way too much sugar for him to be confined in a car with me we decided to hit some others on the way back up . . . by others I mean one . . . this one . . . Pete’s Pies and Mini Market in Sanson.



 They were actually pretty decent including the favourite of many the Fried Egg, peaches and cream,  banana and what looked to have been a space man disguised as an eskimo.

So there you have it as many sugar filled stops as I could possibly manage.  Overall I think the Sanson Mini Market delivered the best this time around but all I can say is bring back the white paper bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And just had to finish the sugar overload off with a laugh.  This is the truck we followed into Wellington, the car’s name was BamblB CUUUUUUUUTE!

Happy Hump Day!

xx L


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