Flavour of the week – Island Styles

Flavour of the Week

Hello , here we are the weekend already! Meaning flavour of the week  🙂

I am not sure what attracts me to these pants while we are coming into winter in Melbourne but maybe its me trying to hold onto Summer! I love so much about these Pencey Mia pants which are a collaboration with DJ Mia Moretti.

I like the great fit and while I know this style is not for everyone it does suit a lot of shapes. They also look super comfy which I am definitely into. I like not having to always squeeze into my skinny jeans and having the option of a nice looser pant like these. The print!!!! Fun and amazing. I also like how you could still wear a lot with this print. You could even wear the matching jacket or shirt if you are brave!

They are also 100% Polyester which while I love a good silk item I get sick of having to be so careful all the time looking after it so something I can be a little less careful with is a bonus.




Mia wearing the pants and matching shirt!


Enjoy your weekend… Go and buy some print pants!!! 🙂



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