NZ Dairy Debate (this is about lollies not dairy farming by the way)

The best thing about the common NZ Dairy is the Lolly Mixtures (I’m talking Candy in all shapes and sizes.)  Many used to have a big glass case with a huge number of sugary treats to choose from, normally 5c a hit and depending how generous mum and dad were feeling/how much change you could pull out from under the lounge suit you could walk away with a pile big enough to threaten type 2 diabetes.   Nowadays the glass cases are only seen in a few dairies yet many still produce the $1/$2 lolly mixture pre packaged at the counter.   I was a complete sugar fiend in my younger years (just quietly I’m trying to not eat much/any these days) but as I was devouring sushi at the Mount the other day I saw the Dairy (milk bar/convenience store) across the road that my friends and I frequented on our sugar binges.   All I could think about was the possibility of a good lolly mixture inside and purchased my first sugar high of the holiday this is the only pic I got (I also got carried away with the tiny bottles of soft drink you can get now)




Definitely not what I remember no milk bottles, fizzy straws, jaffas, or pineapple lumps to be seen.  But there was a candy bracelet!

Next we crossd to the west coast and hit up west Raglan Dairy . . .




A little better but still no childhood essentials, except the coke bottles, gummy sharks and spinning tops.

So I’m going to continue my ‘investigation’ for the next few days I’m in NZ.  We have a lot of rural dairies to grade on their lolly mixtures . . . I will seriously be in need of a detox by the time I get back to Melbourne.

Enjoy the rest of your week!!

xx L


2 thoughts on “NZ Dairy Debate (this is about lollies not dairy farming by the way)

  1. The best lolly in the whole of NZ was Holmwood dairy in Christchurch but tragically lost in the earthquake!!! It was one of the sader days in my life!! I will also highly recommend the road trip to Ektahuna….on my dairy mission of the north island, she popped out on TOP! GET THERE! Xx

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