The Hit List #7

Hello everyone!

I forgot just how much I LOVE Easter, not only for the chocolate and hot cross buns but for the long weekend and the time with friends and whanau. Today’s hit list is a random mix but all goodness. Enjoy 🙂

1) Weekends Away

I LOVE WEEKENDS AWAY! As much as I adore Melbourne there is nothing like getting away for the weekend. Over Easter M and I headed on the smallest road trip possible down to the Mornington Peninsula, a beautiful bay area of Victoria, Australia. The Mornington Peninsula was one of the first places I ever visited in Melbourne when I was in school. I thought it was a stunning place back then and as I get older I keep thinking I could live down there. I always laugh when we ‘go away’ down there as lots of people live down there and commute into the city so its just home for many people. LUCKY!

We mainly ventured around Red Hill for the two days and after detoxing from alcohol for the whole of Lent I was ready to try a few wines! We visited some wineries ate a ridiculous amount of cheese, went to the day spa, soaked up the beautiful scenery and had the most relaxing time. Even if you are not going to do all of that just getting away for a day trip I find can really relax me. I love the city life but sometimes you just need breathing space. See below for some of the highlights.

Flinders, stunning and no one here



Yes I officially had my first ‘Golden Gaytime’ ever haha DELISH! Reminded me of a Rocky Road if you are in New Zealand. Who thought in April it would be sunny and time for beach and ice creams!


Mr Short decided he wanted to buy a place here.


We stopped in at the local Red Hill Brewery for some tastings and a taco from the pop up taco tent.


We visited Montalto for some wine tasting and olive eating YUM! Try the Moscato mmm.


Montalo – we visited the Pizzeria which is nice and relaxed with a fun walk around the art pieces. There is also a formal dining room for those wanting something more fancy 🙂


Mr Short wanted to purchase the Elephant art work but I didn’t think it would fit in our tiny apartment.


2) Red Hill Epicurean

Okay I am slightly cheating as this was on our weekend away but I will be back here and think it is definitely worth mentioning. The Red Hill Epicurean is an eatery which has opened up down the Peninsula that is definitely worth a visit. The building alone is great and we decided we would like a house the same! There is a main large dining hall with smaller function rooms branching off and a cake/coffee area for a sweet treat. We arrived and had a small wait for a table in which we were ushered to the wine tasting area where there are extensive wine tasting options to suit a variety of palates and also budgets. We embarked on a taste of some of the regions wines and just shared a pizza. The service was amazing and the atmosphere was buzzing. I am not sure if this was because it was a public holiday or it is generally like this but it definitely contributed to the atmosphere. If you are heading down the Peninsula I would definitely recommend a visit.

This was actually the waiting area but also an amazing function room.


Mr Short waiting for our Pizza from the oven behind him.




Uh oh one drink after Lent and look what happens!



You know how much we love Polka Dots well POM POMS are like Polka Dots on STERIODS! Like real live able to touch Polka Dots. Its all too much really and with winter coming and being able to wear my Pom Pom beanie again I am getting very excited about having more Pom Poms in my life! If you have seen my Pinterest site you would have had a sneak peak of these already but check out some of the fun Pom Pom items below. And look out world soon I will be draped in them haha!

A fun DIY rug from Small Good Things


A much more intense rug that I may get lost in! You can find the pattern on Lion Brands


Should I be sticking Pom Poms to all my clothes? CUTE Jumper from The White Pepper


Mine and Mr Shorts current Pom Pom Beanies ready for any cold Melbourne will bring

photo (37)

photo (1)

4) Do your bit to give back – Orphfund

I am a very lucky person in that I have had an amazing upbringing and live a pretty incredible life. Sometimes though it is hard to get caught up in our daily lives and ‘first world problems’ and forget about those who are struggling with real problems such as not having a roof over their heads or food to eat. When I moved to Melbourne I wanted to find an organisation that I could contribute to who were doing meaningful work in communities around the world that really needed it. While there are numerous organisations that do incredible work around the world through a friends guidance I found Orphfund. Orphfund is a pure volunteer based organisation that helps abandoned children around the world living in poverty improve their standard of living. You can not only make donations but you can get involved in volunteering for  their initiatives either in Melbourne or in their project locations. It could even be something  simple as donating clothes or home wares that you no longer need.

 There are so many opportunities out there where you can help someone elses life become a little bit easier. It doesn’t have to be a big action or monetary related but have a think about the ways you can give back or help someone else out. Tonight I am combining my love of food with supporting the Royal Childrens Hospital at an all you can eat bangers and mash night! Now thats my kind of fundraising 🙂

Happy Friday thanks for the read,



One thought on “The Hit List #7

  1. Absolutely agree – there are so many opportunities to help others who need our help ins so many different ways. It is not hard to help someone but sometimes takes a change of mindset or focus. Not easy sometimes but so worthwhile.

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