Hit List Seis

A little lacking in “real life” photos this week sorry peeps.  Have been too busy stuffing my face with easter eggs and nobody wants to see that go down.   I’ve found a mixture of must have stuff and things that I don’t think I can live without this coming season.

1. GET FIT & HEALTHY . . . again.


Well this maybe slightly induced by the insane amount of guilt from eating my weight and then some in chocolate eggs over the past weekend but it’s a long time coming.  I hear what you’re saying that this is more of a New years Resolution right?  Yeah well it was but how are there so many excuses around in summer?  There are just too many occasions that call for a glass of wine or three, and too many injured ankles . . . So this week I sorted myself out and I’ve been back pounding the pavements like a mad woman.  I’ve also been getting slightly obsessed with what I put in and on my body, holy hell there are some amazing foods and potions out there.  I also want to state how proud I am of Miss S and her no drinking for ALL of lent and to my lovely lady friend Miss Grace who is on the same path but a few 100kms a head of me.  Here’s to a healthier and happier year ladies and gents.

2.Spring Breakers. Yeah that movie you’ve probably heard about


I seriously thought this was a girly teen movie about the adventures of girls on spring break .  Ok so the latter is so BUT this movie looks BAD ASS!  Besides a few hilarious cliches and James Franco with a grill and corn rows.


OK that’s actually a little ridiculous but in all seriousness I’m buzzing to see this thing.  I have also stumbled across some pretty epic “Spring Breakers” fashuns courtesy of Opening Ceremony.


OC x Spring Breakers DTF/Unicorn Hoodie


OC x Spring Breakers Cotty Basketball Tank


OC x Spring Breakers Todd James Towel


OC x Spring Breakers Bikini

I really can’t go past the basketball singlets and the unicorn everything . . . get in my wardrobe

3. Shoes. 

I just can’t get enough at the moment.  Is it because of the old saying shoes always fit when clothing is too tight?  I’ve just purchased this pair of Chaos and Harmony heels for a wedding I’m attending next weekend (excite!)


To be honest it has kind of fuelled this fire in my belly  for more  MORRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEE.  I am in need of boots and can’t decide what type to go for and I also NEED yes need more Vans, Nikes and Converse all of which are year round staples in my household.



There’s also a large gap in my heart that only these Marques’Almeida beauties from Opening Ceremony can fill.


Ohhhhhhhh so dreamy.

4. Whole Larder Love

You’ve might’ve seen the cookbook around.  It’s definitely in a lot of cafes and stores around Melbourne.


A cookbook that’s pretty inspiring really and makes you think quite a bit about what you purchase from supermarkets with their over processed and frozen “fresh” foods.   It’s written, practiced and preached by author Rohan Anderson a hunter gather from Victoria.  I’m going to be honest I would have an issue with the hunting part as I’m not much of a meat head, it’s the veges that have me interested.   I’ve newly discovered I can get a box of beautiful fresh fruit and veges or REAL Free Range Eggs delivered to our inner city dwellings and what’s more it’s a pretty decent price.   It also means getting rid of the guilt of buying produce packaged in plastic, a material that is slowly killing our oceans (sorry about bringing the mood down but have you seen this?)  I’ll let you know when I make my first purchase.


One more thing WLL have a series of weekend long workshops for the public teaching you skills from hunting and preparing meat to fly fishing, mushroom foraging, gardening and baking the perfect bread.  There are limited spaces and you can choose from Glamping or B&Bing for the weekend for respective prices.  Check them out here if it sounds like you!


Hope you’ve all got some fun activities planned for the coming weekend.  I’m saving myself and my body for the onslaught which will be a two week long catch up with friends and family back home.  Potentially the best part . . . it’s feijoa season.  Look it up non-kiwis because they’ll change your life.

xxx L


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