Flavour of the Week – Spruced Up Trackies.

I usually dislike track pants like STRONGLY dislike them they should be kept as house pants and nothing more in my opinion.  I also think there is almost nothing worse to look at than a guy in sloppy grey track pants, even if they are straight from the gym, ladies they’re not the most amazing things on you either.  Chapel St punters please take note!  I do how ever LOVE the “sports luxe” look such as nike trainers with dresses, sports tanks with dress blazers, stripey tops with denim, long casual racer back dresses and yep I’ve pretty much just explained my dream wardrobe.   Long story short . . . I found some track pants even I would wear thanks to Winston Wolfe . . . the Esmeraldas are perfect leather, elasticated waist, ‘casual yet dressy’ pants and they’ve completely redeemed what I thought the dreaded trackies could be.  See for yourself.




The Beautiful Tash Sefton from They All Hate Us dot com sporting the Esmeraldas with a classic boyfriend blazer.

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend! xx L


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