Hit List #5

Happy Easter!!! I hope you all are having an amazing start to your long weekend. Here is you Hit List to make your Good Friday even better! A mixture of delish Easter treats, some Bomber Jacket style, more polka dots and some indoor plant styling for apartments.

1 – Easter Treats

I hope you have all been indulging in some Easter goodies although probably not as many as I have consumed, which is enough for a small city! Once I had my first egg it seemed like I couldn’t stop! Particular favourites are of the Lindt variety including their bunnies and their filled easter eggs and the Crunchie bunny from Cadbury mmmm. New additions this year include the Egg ‘n’ Spoon discovered by Miss Long and the Malteser bunny which is a definite must have for those Malteser lovers out there!

We can also not forget the good old Hot Cross Bun as a treat too. There are a huge variety out there, some a lot better than other so hunt around for the best. My favourite is having them toasted in the oven with a small dollop of butter. DELISH!

Me with my Easter loot for the long weekend!


Miss L with her Creme Egg Stash during our Easter Egg Brownie bake off


Hot Cross Bun goodness!


The new Egg ‘n’ Spoon from Cadbury… you know you want to try it!

photo (14)

2 – Bomber Jackets

I am stealing this from both Miss L and Mr Short who are both rocking an amazing bomber jacket from Mr Simple. If you are looking for an easy wear Jacket this season I suggest you have a hunt for a great bomber jacket. They come in a variety of colours to suit your wardrobe and go with just about anything.

Two of my favourite people with their Mr Simple bombers. Mr Short got over this very quickly as you can see!

photo (15)

photo (19)

photo (17)

Next stop Top Model?!

photo (18)

3. Polka Dots!!

You may have noticed we LOVE polka dots. Well sitting around tonight we were reminded just how much. If you did not see Miss L’s pants post but are looking for some spotty pants you should check them out here, she was sporting these last night and they are amazing. I was matching her with my oh so classy polka dot slippers. Don’t be afraid of Polka Dots they are fun 🙂

Some real live Long – Short action


To tie in with the Polka Dot theme and the wintery weather we are having in Melbourne this Polka dot Umbrella from Marimekko will do perfectly!


I managed to add some more Polka dots to my wardrobe last week with these Sass & Bide jeans.


And this fun Sass & Bide shirt. Do you think maybe that’s enough for now?! NEVER!


4 – Indoor/ Outdoor plants

We moved into a new apartment with a balcony that needed some greenery. I wanted to make sure that we could take the plants inside during winter so they did not get damaged so off to Bunnings one Sunday we went feeling very old looking at gardening supplies! I have to say it was heaps of fun and I love the look that our plants give our house. We decided on a Yukka and some chilli plants and we received a cactus from Muma Short as the first of our collection! I look forward to creating some planter boxes for vegetables this Summer. Watch this space… If you have any tips on some good indoor plants please let me know! They have to be minimal care as I am not always the best when it comes to the care taking of the plants 🙂

Yukka that I have now pulled in doors as it leaves were getting a hit in this wind!

                                                               photo (22)

photo (21)

Cactus from Mama Short. I am hoping to grab a red one from the market to go with this.


Chilli Plants

photo (20)

HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!! I really hope you all have an amazing long weekend and enjoy the huge amounts of chocolate you will consume.

Much love xS


2 thoughts on “Hit List #5

  1. Those Sass and Bide jeans just blew my mind however, it is the Cadbury Egg n’ Spoon that truly intrigues me…what is this delicious confection? Does it ship well?

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