A Chocolate Brownie with an Easter Twist.

We have a treat for you this morning, well actually it was  a massive treat for us to devour last night and it’s a little naughty but worth the “life time on the hips” in this case.
Chocolate is undoubtedly the greatest thing about Easter you have every excuse to gorge yourself once a year so why not do it in full force.  In reality we’re coming in to winter down here and what’s better than a loose jersey dress to hide an extra kilo or two?   We bring you OUR version of the Cadbury Creme Egg Brownie.


You’ve probably seen this recipe floating around the internet over the past month or so?  But we thought it looked a little intense to have so much butter and chocolate and richness all in one bite so we made this brownie from the Taste website instead.  It features apple sauce/baby food instead of high amounts of butter and egg whites instead of whole eggs (okay we cheated and added a couple of yokes as well)  OH BY THE WAY WANT TO KNOW THE BEST WAY TO SEPARATE EGGS?!!
Check this out . . . (click on photo)Image







They take only 45 minutes or so from scratch to make and they’re so easy! SO EASY!   Get your bake on before heading away this Easter . . . xxx S & L


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