A Funny Thing Happened Down the Toiletries Aisle


I had to share this with you.  Be warned this is probably only good for the female population to read . . .  I raced in to the super the other night to buy ahem girls stuff and I couldn’t for the life of me find where the “feminine care” products were stacked.  I disregarded a packing trolley half way down that was manned by two adolescent guys as I thought surely fate wouldn’t be that cruel, making me stand deciding which box to choose while two young men awkwardly stacked the shelves next to me BUT fate is a bastard and that was the case.  I slowly approached the trolley trying to eye up my chosen box when one of the guys obviously picked up on my awkwardness and smiled.  I stood there for a little bit half trying to ignore the situation when one of the stackers picked up a box, handed it to me and said “these are on sale”.  Weirdly enough they were just what I was looking for.  Thanks supermarket boys!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday… xx L


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