Flavour of the week is here.

We want to introduce to you the “flavor of the week” its going be seasonal and something you can look forward to every single week.  For Autumn we’re going to bring you a selection of our favourite Jeans.  Not these jeans . . .  these ones.  And because we have differing tastes you’re going to see a mini explosion of new ideas to add to your denim wardrobe.
I’m just going to let this pair from One Teaspoon speak for themselves . . .


The Super Baggies in Speckle available at the One Teaspoon Online store

I know they won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but for me they’re quite possibly the perfect pair for “jazzing” up an overly wintery wardrobe (excuse the really awkward verb I just used) and for those not game enough for a this hit of colour here are ones in a similar style in a washed out denim which I also need in my life.


The Runaways in Super. Get them here

We’ve got lots more to show you so keep coming back!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

xxx L


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