The Hit List #1

1. Gumboots or Wellies

The rain has started in Melbourne and unfortunately when it rains here it REALLY rains. While on my way to work this week I  had to walk through puddles that were nearly up to my knees! And yes while I realise that is only up to most peoples ankles, it seems like I am nearly drowning just to get to the office! Suede shoes were NOT a good choice.

I have always associated gumboots with being on the farm or being at a festival for stomping around in the mud. However, the styles that are coming up for winter could almost be deemed as classy! Papa Short would be laughing at this I am sure.  While I do not currently own a pair myself below are a few of the pairs that I am considering purchasing this weekend. I know some of you would never be caught in a pair in the city however I think I can combine functionality with fashion so watch this space.




 2. Alphabet Dates

As life can quickly become very busy Mr Short and I now have a standing date night on Tuesday nights. It is something that I picked up from my parents and it is definitely one of my favourite things. Mr Short had the idea this year that we would work through the alphabet with a letter for each week and one person would organise something that would be a surprise. Little did we know that this was something that a lot of other people are already doing.

It has proven to be so much fun, not only coming up with the ideas with my whole team at work but also being surprised each second week with something fun. The ideas do not have to always be a big cost and sometimes call for creativity, especially as I have both X and Z! If you are looking for something different to do this is really fun to try. Below is B – Burgers, Beers and Bowling.


 3. Fresh Coconuts

At the end of last year Mr Short and I visited some dear friends of ours who live in Vietnam. On every street corner and on the beach you could have a fresh coconut hacked open for you to quench your thirst. While I had had coconut water before I became very dependent on the fresh coconuts to keep me hydrated not to mention for their delicious taste! While the fresh coconuts are the best they are not the easiest to hack into at times and take up a lot of room in our fridge. So I was OVERJOYED when I was grabbing a smoothie from Naked Treaties Raw Bar in Byron Bay (GO THERE… NOW)  recently to discover the Coco Jus tool! While I was already blowing my mind with their smoothie selection I feel head over heels in love with the place when I saw this. I am now the proud owner of the Coco Jus tool and it is making it dangerously easy to consume fresh coconuts… now I just need to get a fridge dedicated for fresh coconuts or better still move to a tropical island and have them on tap. Cocktail recipes using coconut water to come.




4. White Night Melbourne

I love living in Melbourne as there is always something on and this past weekend was White Night Melbourne. The White Night concept was originally formed in Paris as a way of bringing arts and culture to the people of Paris. Melbourne followed this concept by transforming the CBD into a stage from 7pm – 7am and showcasing a variety of music, arts, film, food. The night was a balmy night and brought out over 300,00 people who flooded the central city to explore the events. All in all it was a successful night and they are planning to hold an event in 2014. I am not sure about the 5am events though I definitely was in bed before then :). There are White Night events happening all around the world so see if there is one near you.





That’s it for the Hit List today. Have a great weekend,

x S


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