The Complex Thinking of an Underemployed Female.

Soooo I’ve found myself in another space in time where I am not in full time employment.  Kind of love it kind of hate it BUT one thing has become clear to me . .  . I am learning a ridiculous amount of ‘stuff’.  Stuff that I had never bothered to think about or I didn’t know that I didn’t know it.  Follow me?

Here are the latest things I have learnt . .

1. Flies buzz round your head because they treat your head the same way they treat poop.  Yep how weird is this?  I was at the park the other day and a tiny fly keep buzzing at me (before you comment YES I do shower often, sometimes twice a day!) no matter how many times I would shoe it away.  It got so close at one stage and landed on my lip almost on my tongue I‘m not going to lie I felt a little violated.   Turns out they’re attracted to and nibble on your dead skin cells YUCCCCCCCCCkkkkk.


2. How to make a coffee.  I’m not saying GOOD coffee it’s something I have never bothered to learn but Mr Long is a coffee buff/connoisseur/works for a coffee company so really was there a better time to learn?


3. Anthony Keidis of Red Hot Chili Peppers fame was suffering from shin splints when he performed at the 2000 Big Day Out in Auckland, and at 14 it was my first of many festivals (RIP Auckland BDO).  A NZ doctor prescribed him a drug that would eventually lead to yet another drug spree when he touched back in LA.  Yes I did just injure my ankle and spend the last week with my feet up reading Scar Tissue.


4. Random facts of world population.   That is increases by over 210’000 people PER DAY!  That Madagascar ‘s population is over 22 Million (I thought is was full of sloths and slow loris’!).  NZ is the 120th most populated country in the world and the population of the Western Sahara is the fastest growing at 3.2% per year who knew?


5. I am in desperate need of a haircut.  How is that you can talk yourself out of one a number of times but still detest every single photo you see of yourself???  A definite must do in the next month.


6.  I will never settle until I’m successful/make myself and my family proud of what I have accomplished.  This one is a little awkward to write as I’m one of those annoying goal orientated people that likes all her ‘ducks in a row’ as my mum says.  I keep telling myself to go back to a crummy job to bring a little ‘fun money’ in but this time there is no way I will let myself because crummy jobs are a little soul destroying.  Soo on that note who has an epic job idea?  Keeping in mind my background is marketing and comms. Anyone? Yeah? PS: watch this space because i’ll have one soon!


A perfect world where all ducks are in a row.

Anything new you’ve learnt this week OR anything you want me to ‘learn’ for you??


x L


2 thoughts on “The Complex Thinking of an Underemployed Female.

  1. Another random fact…APPARENTLY flies will never ever land on margarine because it is so processed from its original form that they can’t smell/eat/lay maggots on it. Gross and weird. Don’t eat margarine people!

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