Keyyyy Noir . . . (spelt Quinoa)

Being the Melburnian food critics that we are we’re always on the hunt for new and different food ideas that will keep our taste buds tingling and our jeans just that little bit too tight.    Soooo when we came across this recipe that combines two of our greatest loves: Sushi and Keynoir (yes that’s right Quinoa silly) we were over the moon 😀

Brown rice sushi for those of you “out of the loop” is a completely different ball game to that of the ‘white’ kind… It has a slightly crunchy, nutty texture that adds another flavour to sushi and also leaves you feeling as “light as a feather”/you can still fit in to your skinny jeans.

Quinoa the very very distant cousin of brown rice is another ingredient we are frothing over and learning to experiment with.

So now you know a little bit more about our foodie selves we’ll get down to the mouth watering pictures you’ve been waiting for oh and you can find the recipe we used here with a few changes.  To cook the quinoa we used the cooking instructions on the pack and added vege stock for flavour, we used purple and orange carrot, cucumber and avocado as the salad and in our tuna ‘concoction’ we added a little Japanese Kewpie Mayo, spring onion, fresh chilli and black pepper.



Ooooo it is good!  And really REALLY easy

Let us know what you put in your sushi or give us a challenge with something to cook/make!



2 thoughts on “Keyyyy Noir . . . (spelt Quinoa)

  1. Hey guys, this looks extremely different and awesome. Well done photo looks great!!! Never tried making sushi before but now pretty inspired too. Thanks!

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