Surrender to the Season

I unlike S am not a fan of the seasonal change from summer to Autumn.   love the snuggly inside feeling and watching the trees change but I avidly detest the cold and of course you know it’s only matter of time before Winter is knocking on the door.  BUT I am however like many females a fan of having an excuse to revamp the wardrobe and change up my style.

Which brings me to such.  I’m casual, like seriously casual and have been since a young age.  I did the whole pink, floral girly thing, over did it and couldn’t face looking at the colour for the last 20 years (wow 20 years how the hell did I get this old?) I like simple dresses, skinny jeans, tank tops,  denim anything,  sneakers, boots and I’m a big fan of monochrome although I will go colour crazy if need be.  I will occasionally wear a heel but if you didn’t gather by my ‘Alias’ I’m rather tall and a little clumsy so wedges or a healthy flatform is my go to.   I will surrender to wear a pretty textured or tailored dress if an event calls for it but as soon as I get home it’ll be off within seconds (to change I mean!) I’ve scoured numerous look books of my favourite and some new designers and here is my Autumn wish list.

Fancy foot work

Although I live for a good pair of black boots I though I should branch out this year and potentially add a splash of colour.


Clockwise from Lft Acne Clover, Acne Donna, Opening Ceremony Glitter Suede Chelsea, Opening Ceremony Brenda


Converse x Missoni Auckland Racer Sneaks. The prettiest men’s shoes I’ve ever seen.

It has just dawned on me that I need a pair of Timberlands why?  Because I saw Aila Wang (yes the 4 year old Niece of Alexander Wang) wearing them.
Now you can even custom design your own click on the pic.  Like my red?


Pretty Picture Pants

A have never owned printed pants and I feel this Autumn I need to invest in something a little more fun than black or dark blue skinny jeans.


Acne Karma Currency Pant.


Left: Huffer Khaki Spot Pants (not in store yet), Glassons spotted Skinny jeans.


Kenzo Tiger Trousers from Opening Ceremony.

A Little Extra Arm Warmth.

There are a few types of Autumn/Winter Jackets I feel I “need” a bomber, a blazer, a ‘going-out’ one (very different to a blazer ahem!), a rain jacket, a coat (coming later I’m sure), an anorak and well the list goes on . . .


From Left: Cameo ‘Ask Me Anything’ Bomber Camilla and Marc Diamond Affair Jacket.
Both available now online.


From huffer’s new range Up HIll Battles. Available at soon.
I love all three of these beauties.


A little out of reach for me but I love this Rick Owen leather jacket.

Skirting Around. 

Must have black skirt for the cooler months.  I love the zip detailing on the Ksubi skirt and the Huffer skirt is one for the casual days.


Ksubi. Silk Cotton Skirt


Huffer Spot Skirt

At Home Relaxing

I love a good stretchy pant but I would gladly give up my round home regular for these guys.


Huffer Onesie. online soon.


Les Plus Dores Team Tee. I’ll take any designer thanks . . .


Kenzo Chunky Neon Sweater from Net-a-Porter.


The Stolen Girlfriends Club Ram Dress from
A picture perfect basic.

Dress Me Up

Dresses are one of those awesome purchases you can wear much of the time in both Summer and Winter, hello tights and stockings.  I think these will do nicely!


Celeste Tesoriero Lighthouse Dress


Maurie and Eve Lulu Dress from The Joy Hysteric

The Importance of Accessories

A woman can never have too many right?

madewell transport tote

Madewell Transport Tote


A perfect plain pair the DB Sunnies in
Black/black by Valley Eyewear

Ok by no means is that the end of my wish list but it gives you an idea of what I would own in my own perfect world let me know if you have any connections 😉

x L


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